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I’m Namrata, and the proud mom of a lovely baby girl called Navyaa. I have been meaning to write to you since she was born about a year ago (1st March 00), to thank you for your wonderful book — ‘The Penguin India Guide to Child Care’.

I have lived in a hostel ever since I was 16. I am an engineer - MBA and worked as a finance executive with P&G (South Asia Operations); I had very little experience/knowledge about babies when I got pregnant. That’s when I got “The Book” (!) and it’s made all the difference really, especially since both my husband’s parents and mine live in cities other than where we do.

We currently live in London (since 6 months) and though we were initially terrified of the prospect of having to live alone with a little baby, we have achieved the greatest thing in our lives— our baby is going to be a year old next fortnight and she is a perfect angel — very happy, active, content and smiling most of the time. We have managed this despite our total lack of experience and the absence of our parents— largely because we had complete faith in your book. I still breastfeed her and despite pressure from elders, have not given her a bottle. I have rarely had to take her to a doctor, she’s quite healthy and this is why I wish to thank you.

Hope to meet you in person some day.



February 6, 2001


The Penguin India Guide To Child Care

Published in 1997

First-of-its kind for Indian mothers and a must-have for any expectant mother.
The Times Of India

It is a book that every young mother-to-be would like to browse through at some point… Covers topics of interest — right from day one of conception to how to deal with teenagers.
The Hindu

A must for grandparents and parents, including those expecting parenthood and anyone interested or concerned with child care.
(The Newsletter Of The Consumer Guidance Society Of India)

A standardised easy-to-follow baby care and family guidance book written by one of India’s leading paediatricians.
Vimla Patil,
former editor of Femina

Dr. R. K. Anand, the Indian Dr. Spock, has arranged authoritative and personally-tested material simply, logically and comprehensively, which makes it a valuable supplement to the paediatrician’s supervision. Contemporary Indian parents need a book like this.
Health & Nutrition

The most in-depth Indian guide to baby care and bringing up children.
Indian Express

Very enjoyable and informative. Paediatricians can safely recommend this book to all those concerned with better child care.
Dr. N. B. Kumta,
President, Indian Academy of Paediatrics, 1991.

The content is excellent, the touch light, the humane tone of voice of the author comes through in the text. Altogether a thoughtful guide that may increase the happiness of families, now and in the years to come.
Helen Armstrong,
Lactation consultant, USA

Easy to read… It makes you feel as if the author is talking to you in person.
Day View

India’s answer to Benjamin Spock of Baby And Child Care fame, the book addresses a wide range of concerns.
The Telegraph

One of the hundred greatest books of the century.
(a chain of bookstores)

Listed as bestseller by Crossword, Indian Review of Books, India Today, The Asian Age, Sunday Mid-day, and English Speaking Union Newsletter (ESU Newsletter).

7 March, 2016

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