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The primary purpose of taking a holiday should be to have real fun with your family. Holidaying gives us an opportunity to understand our children and spouse better. It gives us more time to introspect and decide if our priorities in life need to be reordered.

Holidays may also enable us to explore our country and our world. Children may also get more time to pursue their hobbies or to join certain coaching classes.

When you next decide to have a holiday, do not forget the main reason for taking the money and time for doing so. Holidays need not necessarily be expensive affairs.  

Building sand-castles – fun for the entire family
Building sand-castles – fun for the entire family

A family I know decided to go for a holiday during the offseason. The hotel rates were much lower and the place was less crowded. They got extra attention all around. Instead of spending money on a holiday trip during the expensive summer season, another family decided to install an airconditioner at home. The father took leave from work to be with the family to have a holiday at home. They played an old video recording of a family wedding. The children were so introduced to various relatives. The family saw some interesting cartoon films and adventure films and played indoor games. They loved every moment of this time spent together. 

Medical Care On Holidays Spent Away From Home
If you are going to a malaria-infected area, the whole family should start on a prophylactic drug (see Malaria in THE A-Z OF CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES).

If you are going abroad, ask your travel agent if any special vaccines need to be taken. 

When you are away from home, avoid taking unboiled water, cold food items, salads and milk preparations at places that are not likely to be safe. Drink only packaged water if you cannot get boiled water.

In general, I am against readymade commercial cereals for small infants, but you may carry tinned cereal (to which only water need be added) if you are going to a remote area.

You should also carry your family first aid kit with you. (See chapter on A FIRST AID KIT).

7 March, 2016

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