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Number Of Drugs For An Illness

While your doctor may be justified in prescribing more than 2 to 3 drugs for a particular illness, it is also possible that your child probably does not need all those medicines. 

If the diagnosis is correct, the child may either need no medicine, one specific drug for the specific illness or perhaps another drug for giving symptomatic relief.

Information That Parents Should Provide To The Doctor
You must tell your doctor if your child has a known allergy to any particular drug. If so, it should be written in bold letters on top of her prescription and record. The doctor should also know if the child has G-6-PD deficiency. (See Anaemia in THE A-Z OF CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES.) He may like to avoid certain drugs in such cases.

Syrups, Tablets Or Capsules
If a child can have tablets or capsules, do not give syrups. With a tablet or a capsule, you are sure of a correct dose and can reduce the incidence of dental caries due to sugary syrups. The syrups may also have harmful ingredients like alcohol and colouring agents. 

7 March, 2016

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