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The earlier edition of this book, published in 1997 as The Penguin India Guide to Child Care, was well received by parents and grandparents. The latter often remarked, "We wished we had a book like this when we were bringing up our children." Medical colleagues constantly recommended it to parents of the children under their care.

Since then, knowledge on the subject of child care has advanced and hence the need for revising and updating the book was felt.

Every page of the book has been scrutinised for possible deletions and additions. Photographs have been added. The editors have rearranged the material to make it more user-friendly.

As interest in the complementary or alternate systems of medicine is growing, guest articles on Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Naturopathy have been incorporated.

Prayer is a part of the Indian tradition. A Westerner gave a scientific approach to its value in healing. An Indian colleague practising the same has written on Prayer and Your Child's Health. 

Guest articles have also been included on holistic bonding, parenting adolescents, reading to your child, healthy food habits and frequently asked questions on congenital heart disease.

This book answers all the usual questions posed by parents and grandparents on issues from pregnancy to child behaviour, sickness to emotional or psychological needs.

To pass on joy to our children, we are supposed to be at peace with ourselves. But some children keep giving their parents anxious moments, which disturb the peace within. Throughout the book, I have shared my experiences to help you enjoy parenthood with the minimum of hassle.

As a doctor, I am also conscious of my responsibility. I know that we are observed closely by others, especially the youngsters under our care. We are meant, therefore, to radiate a healthy and happy outlook by the way we live. How do we interact with people? How do we dress? What do we eat? Do we drink or smoke? As doctors, do we empower parents to take control of their children or do we make them entirely dependent on us?

I have always felt that we as doctors should avoid forcing, our views on others. Most families today would prefer having well-informed choices and then exercise their own option. While revising this book, this again has been kept in mind to meet the needs of present day families in nurturing healthy and happy children.

Before I close, I want to remind you that no book can be a substitute for the advice of a good doctor. Your family physician or paediatrician knows you and your child. So you must consult them for your child's problem. However, you will find this book handy when you are not able to get in touch with your doctor. The book will also enable you to better understand your doctor's explanations about your child's illness. Also, after going through the book, you may be able to clarify certain doubts on your own and stop worrying about them.


7 March, 2016

Guide to Child Care
1 Pregnancy, Childbirth ...
2 The Growing Years
3 Feeding Infants, ...
4 Keeping Your Child Healthy
5 Keeping Your Child Happy
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