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Duide to Child Care To

Late Dr. Gopal Sharan,
who taught me the basics of paediatrics, and to those precious people at home whose support made this book possible.

No book can be a substitute for the advice of a good doctor.
Your family physician or paediatrician knows you and your child.
So you must consult them for your child’s problem.


Gehna Gehna (the name means ‘ornament’) was born on May 16, 1998. She lives in Mumbai with her parents and grandparents. Gehna is not a patient; she is my friend. She helped me build my faith in practising the art of ‘masterly inactivity’. 

Years ago, Ralph Waldo Trine* said:

“The true physician and parent of the future will not medicate the body with drugs so much as the mind with principles. The caring mother will teach her child to assuage the fever of anger, hatred, malice, with the great panacea of the world— love. The coming physician will teach the people to cultivate cheerfulness, goodwill and noble deeds for a health tonic as well as a heart tonic, and that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

Gehna’s family worked with me and my wife as a team. Her mother followed my book on child care to the dot. She breastfed her child exclusively for 6 months. We did not have to medicate Gehna with too many drugs. Together, we practised what Ralph Waldo Trine said, and, in return, God helped us have a beautiful, confident, cheerful Gehna. 

God bless you Gehna!

* Trine RW. In Tune With the Infinite. London, G. Bell And Sons, 1928, p 80.

7 March, 2016

Guide to Child Care
1 Pregnancy, Childbirth ...
2 The Growing Years
3 Feeding Infants, ...
4 Keeping Your Child Healthy
5 Keeping Your Child Happy
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