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Dr. R. K. Anand's Guide to Child Care

Dr. R. K. Anand's
Guide to Child Care

For pregnant mothers and parents of infants, young children, and teenagers.

Dr. R. K. Anand, MD, FRCP, DCH
Fellow, Indian Academy of Pediatrics
Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

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Dr. Anand's Guide to Child Care answers questions such as:
  • Is there a right age to have a baby?
  • What can I do when my baby cries?
  • Can a working mother successfully breastfeed?
  • How helpful is a joint family in bringing up children?
  • How should we handle our fussy eater?
  • Is my child ready for toilet-training?
  • Are vaccines safe?
  • When is the right age for sex education?
  • How can I raise a happy child?
  • Are drugs overprescribed for childhood illnesses?
  • How should we handle our teenager?
  • What should I do in a medical emergency?


Listed as a bestseller by
Crossword, Indian Review of Books, India Today, The Asian Age, Sunday Mid-day, and English Speaking Union Newsletter (ESU Newsletter).

Published previously as The Penguin India Guide to Child Care, this revised and updated edition of Dr. Anand's handbook offers a definitive guide to the parent on pregnancy and childrearing from infancy to the teenage years.

Authored by one of India's foremost paediatricians and an internationally renowned authority on breastfeeding, the book combines a knowledge of traditional childrearing practices with the latest medical developments in child care.

No book can be a substitute for the advice of a good doctor.

Your family physician or paediatrician knows you and your child.
So you must consult them for your child's problem.

27 December, 2016

Guide to Child Care
1 Pregnancy, Childbirth ...
2 The Growing Years
3 Feeding Infants, ...
4 Keeping Your Child Healthy
5 Keeping Your Child Happy
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